Kash Guidry


Kash Guidry, a native of New Orleans, is a lifestyle coach, award-winning personal trainer, motivational speaker, nutritionist and former champion bodybuilder. As an authority on health and fitness, he has dedicated his life to the craft. He has personally trained and motivated countless success stories in his long career.

The Beginning

Since Kash was a young boy, he has always been involved in sports. He started playing football when he was six years old and participated in Karate to learn self-discipline. His main focus was football until he was around 14 years old. That is when he bought his first Flex magazine! It triggered something inside him and he began to seriously take an interest in perfecting his body with diet and exercise.

At the end of his 8th grade school year, Kash knew he wanted to quit football and pursue bodybuilding. But knowing that decision would cause a lot of friction with his family, he stuck with football and worked out in the gym knowing his ultimate future goal was professional bodybuilding. Kash has always been the type to plan ahead; he knew he wasn’t going anywhere in football—Kash was 5’9” and playing middle linebacker—not what the scouts are looking for. So he wanted to get a jumpstart on bodybuilding, yet knew nothing about the sport. So one step at a time, he studied the sport, focused on taking his body transformation to the next level. The following football season, during his freshman year in high school, in the midst of the second game, he tore his rotator cuff and had to undergo major surgery. Kash recovered with hard work and determination and came back the following year. He played until he injured his knee right before the playoffs. He was able to finish the season and we won our 17th State Championship! Two weeks later, Kash turned 17 years old and from that day forward, he has been a bodybuilder!

The Jounrey

Kash didn’t compete in any body building competitions until he was 18 years old. His first two competitions was quite a humbling experience—he finished dead last in the two teen shows. Still not detoured from his goal, he took a step back, learned from his mistakes and came back the following year and placed 2nd in the same show! Kash also placed 4th in the Louisiana State Competition. One week after the Louisiana show, he moved to Houston, TX to begin my career as a personal fitness trainer. Kash was 19 when he started his employment with 24 Hour Fitness and within a year, he became an independent trainer at Houston Gym.

Kash has finished 1st in the Texas Cup in 2006, and 3rd at the 2007 John Sherman Heavyweight show. He then placed 2nd at the 2007 Europa Super Show.

Kash moved to Atlanta to get closer to his trainer to take his physique to the PRO RANKS! He took a year off to improve his weaknesses and to present a unbelievable package! He was getting ready for The 2009 Nationals! He was 6 weeks out to the show, weighing 285 pounds at 5'9! He was planning on hitting the stage at 255-260, and a disease he had from birth worsened (Foca Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, which is a Kidney Disease). So after many visits to the hospital and having a biopsy done, it showed that Kash would no longer be able to pursue his lifelong goal of becoming a Pro Bodybuilder. Although tragic and disappointment, it eventually led his true calling of being a Nutritionists and Contest Prep Coach. Kash had already written diets and been through school and certified, but he was always first, not the clients he was writing diets for. The first 4 months after he knew he would never get on stage again, he didn't even want to look at a gym, much less even talk about Nutrition.

A New Start

He started working for a local gym in Atlanta. It's all he knew! He then started to pick up clients and everyone he put on a Meal Plan would get into unbelievable shape and the word started to get around that Kash was "The Diet Guy." Just as he was getting something going, his mother who resides in New Orleans, was having serious health issues. He moved back to New Orleans to be closer to her and had to start over from scratch again, but he kept a lot of his Nutrition Clients back in Georgia. Within the next 18 months Kash picked up clients and competitors in over 30 States and opened his own nutrition and supplement store right outside New Orleans in Metairie.

Kash has learned many times in life, God may take something from you to give you something you love even more. He loves what he does. Each day is a blessing and Kash wouldn't trade what he does for anything in the world. To be winner in sports and in life, we must persevere and stay focused on the ultimate prize; Never give up on your dreams!