You have to have balance

October 21, 2014

Due to the fact that Carbohydrates Raise Blood Sugar and spike Insulin, people freak out and want them nowhere near their Nutritional Reginmen.  So their plan consists of all protein and fats.

The low-carb Diet is nothing but a quick fix. Over the long haul, very low carb diets simply aren’t good for you. That doesn’t mean to not pay attention to your Carb intake or what carbs you are consuming. You have to have balance.

Although Low Carb diets first originated back in the 70's and early 80's, and really blew up at the Turn of the Century. Partially due to the increase in Obesity, People were amazed at how effective these diets could be. Weight loss could happen very quickly, sometimes within days. Some people would lose up to 10-15 pounds a week.

The Most Popular of the " Low Carb Diets" was The Atkins Diet. Which allowed you to virtually eat any Protein or Fat you wanted as long as you said NO to CARBS.

The Downsides of These Diets

Like Atkins and the many other low-carb diets that followed in its footsteps have turned out to be less effective, and less healthy, than originally claimed. Often, the weight returned, and as it did, problems such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure came back also. It was all about the Quick Fix!

The low-carb diet will also wreak some havoc. When your body breaks down lean body mass (muscle) for energy, your metabolism slows because muscle tissue burns up a lot of calories. This may be one reason that the weight often comes back after you’ve been shunning carbs for a while. Most of the weight you lose is also water weight.

So imagine that, after you lose 20+ pounds on a low carb diet, your Metabolism is actually slower than it was when you started.

Your Energy will suffer as well!

When carbohydrate consumption falls below 100 grams, the body usually responds by burning muscle tissue for the glycogen (stored glucose) it contains.

This is one of the Main reasons why " Old School Bodybuilding " was always about hoping and praying to keep the muscle you gained in The Off-Season when you dieted down for a Competition. Because most of The Diets in the 1990's and early 2,000's were Low Carb some Bodybuilders would lose over 20 pounds of Muscle over the 12-15 weeks of Dieting for a Contest.

Now some People can care less about where the weight comes from, they just want it off!

By depleting the body of its Glycogen, you will burn body fat. But that’s a very inefficient, complicated way to produce blood sugar. The body tries to do it only when it absolutely has to (such as when it’s starving) and for good reason. Turning fat into blood sugar comes at a price in the form of by-products called ketones. They make your breath smell funny. They can also make you tired, lightheaded, headachy, and nauseated. Feeling lousy is certainly one way to dampen the appetite, but not one that most people would choose.

With virtually no carbs in your system, you may even have trouble concentrating. Most Researches show the human brain requires the equivalent of 100 grams of carbohydrate a day to function optimally, and that’s a minimum. We all have been around someone who is on a low carb diet, or even ourselves once upon a time, you’re always forgetting what you did 30 seconds ago. You leave the house, and have to run back to see if you left the coffee pot or stove on.

You can't focus on one thing for too long, it's a horrible feeling! The Brain needs Carbs.

I would encourage you to really think about what your goals are, before you yank all the carbs out of your diet! It's only a short fix that comes with negative effects!

If we are talking Visual Results which is what most people only care about.

You will only downsize, it’s very hard to tone and sculpt when you are losing almost as much muscle and Fat.