Training & Nutirion

A Healthy Way of Life

Bodies by Kash is a program that is about results! Everyone wants results, but Kash's program is designed for lasting results. This is not a program that you will drop 20 pounds on and gain 22 back. This program is the right approach that is tailor made for you!

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Nutirion That Works

The diet is maximized for you to reach your Fitness Goal. It's not a low carb diet, or a low fat diet. It's balanced with all the right foods that your body NEEDS at the right time, so your body is continually in a Fat Burning State!

No one will ever lose muscle on Kash's plan because this is not a starvation diet. It's not a diet that the calories get lower and lower, week after week. Kash will show you how to actually add calories through the program and keep burning fat, and how to keep the fat off when you get to your goal!


One Hour Phone Consultation

Speak Directly to Kash

A in depth conversation covering all grounds of fitness. For any of those questions you need's your opportunity to pick Kash's brain and receive guidance to reach your fitness goal!

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One Time Starter Meal Plan

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

This includes a one time Evaluation, which will be a great starting point to see where you stand with you body fat and FAT/MUSCLE RATIO! Based on your Statistics. Kash will design a Customize Program that will get you started and educate you on healthy eating and wellness! Perfect for Clients trying to break Plateaus and seek knowledge on Nutrition!

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Small Weight

One Time Starter Training Plan

Focus On The Parts That Need It

This includes a one time Evaluation, Kash will design a Training program to bring out your weak body parts and educate you on how to break Plateaus and help you reach optimal results that meet your goal in the shortest amount of time!

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One Time Personal Training

Learn From and With the Best

Training sessions range from 50-60 minutes. Do to Kash's busy schedule, we cannot promise he will have any availability for training. All of our Trainers on staff have worked with Kash and are qualified to get you optimal results! Check out our Trainers Page to see what Personal Trainer best suits you!

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